Children's Dentist in St. Paul, MN

Young boy in patient chair at our children's dentist in St Paul, MNAt the St. Paul dental office of Nick Schulte, DDS, we welcome your entire family, including your children. Our friendly and welcoming team makes it easy for your child to feel safe, comfortable, and cared for.

Getting your child off to a great start with their dental care is a valuable gift. When children view the dental office as a safe and normal place to be, they are more likely to develop habits that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Introducing Your Child to the Dentist in St. Paul

So many adults have dental fear, and this can often be chalked up to bad experiences when they were kids. It makes sense that the dental office can be a scary place for a child. We have a lot of unfamiliar, strange-looking equipment, and there are often a lot of unusual smells and sounds. If a child doesn’t receive routine care and only sees the dentist when something is wrong, it will reinforce the belief that this is an unpleasant place to be.

We recommend establishing care with a “happy visit” first. Dr. Schulte and our hygienist will meet with you and your child and introduce ourselves. We can take your child for a quick tour to satisfy his or her natural curiosity and show off some of our interesting equipment.

If your child is cooperative and willing, we can perform a quick examination. It’s unusual to do a cleaning on a child’s first visit, but if your child is accommodating, it’s a possibility!

We will follow the “tell-show-do” method of introducing equipment and activities for your child:

  • We’ll tell them what we are planning to do (“I’m going to use a small mirror to look inside your mouth”).
  • We’ll show them the instrument we are about to use and let them touch it and even use it themselves, if appropriate.
  • We’ll use the instrument, describing what we are doing the entire time.

We also make a point of using child-friendly language so that your child can understand and isn’t afraid.

Routine Pediatric Dental Appointments Prevent Fear

Two pediatric dentistry patients smiling outside near St Paul, MNIf your child comes to see us for regular examinations and cleanings, it won’t seem like such a big deal when the inevitable childhood mishap occurs. Most kids will experience some sort of dental issue. From cavities to catching fly balls with front teeth, we’ve seen it all!

We can help repair your child’s tooth and help them feel more comfortable. Since they already know us and think of our office as a safe place, it will take some of the drama out of a scary situation.

Regular examinations also help us track your child’s dental development so that we can watch for signs that something isn’t developing quite the way it should. If your child has a thumb-sucking or pacifier habit or their jaw just isn’t big enough for their new teeth as they come in, we’ll keep a close eye to see if an orthodontic referral makes sense.

Children aren’t just little adults when it comes to dentistry, and Dr. Schulte knows what to watch for and what to expect.

Call Our Saint Paul Office for a Happy Visit for Your Child

Are you ready to introduce your child to the dentist? Call our office today to schedule a happy visit for your child and help them get started building habits that will last a lifetime.