CEREC Dental Crowns in St. Paul, MN

At the office of Nick Schulte, DDS, one of our goals is to make your life simpler. We do this in a number of ways, from our convenient office hours to our easy scheduling options.

Another way we simplify your life is by offering CEREC technology, including CEREC same-day crowns in St. Paul, MN. The CEREC system allows us to make quality dental crowns and other restorations right here in our office. In most cases, you will be able to get your restoration during a single office visit.

This is a huge advantage over the way many dental offices create tooth crowns—situations where you have to wait a week or two for your tooth cap. With CEREC, we can also eliminate the need for messy impressions, temporary restorations, and return visits for the same procedure. Your dentist can provide adjustments to your same-day crown while you wait!

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns in Saint Paul, MN, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation, we encourage you to reach out to a helpful team member at (651) 698-0848 to get started.

And continue reading to learn more about our quality tooth crowns and approach to dental restorations.

About CEREC Dental Crowns in St. Paul, MN

CEREC dental crowns in saint paulCEREC stands for “chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics.” It can also be an abbreviation for CEramic REConstruction. Either way, it means that we craft customized, attractive ceramic restorations right here in our dental office.

If you’ve had dental work done in the past, you’ve probably experienced gooey impressions. When we create restorations using CEREC, we don’t need to take this type of impression anymore. Instead, we take digital impressions using a special type of digital camera.

These pictures are then used to form a virtual model using CEREC’s special software. At this stage, we can make any necessary alterations so that the dental crown will blend in well with your other teeth and properly complete your chewing surface.

Once Dr. Schulte is happy with the design of the tooth, the information will be sent to the milling machine, which creates your tooth cap out of a single block of porcelain.

People often ask why porcelain is used in restorations since we tend to associate porcelain with fragile dolls and plates. The porcelain used to create dental restorations is actually quite durable, and it shares many qualities with your own natural enamel.

This means that the restorations we create from porcelain will look lifelike. Our goal is for nobody to ever notice your dentistry—just your beautiful smile.

3 Ways We Use Dental Crowns in Saint Paul

We use CEREC dental crowns to resolve a number of common dental concerns—from aesthetic issues and tooth replacement to offering support following tooth trauma.

#1 Supporting a Weak or Damaged Tooth

Crowns are often used to protect a tooth that has been damaged, build up a tooth that has been eroded, or support a tooth that has been weakened through deep infection and root canal treatment.

#2 Concealing a Tooth Flaw

A tooth that is unusually shaped or severely discolored makes smiling with confidence difficult. Your dentist near me can create a custom crown that looks like your natural teeth to hide tooth abnormalities.

#3 As Part of Tooth Replacement

We also use crowns as part of our dental implant systems to replace teeth that are completely missing. Dental crowns top dental implants (replacement roots) to restore your entire lost tooth. Dental crowns also work to anchor a dental bridge (a replacement tooth or teeth) to healthy teeth.

Crowns are one of the most versatile dental restorations available. Having the technology available to craft dental crowns in-house gives us more flexibility to treat you promptly and comfortably.   

Root Canal? Why a Crown Instead of a Fillingsaint paul dentist

A root canal treatment eradicates a deep tooth infection that may be causing severe pain and threatening the health of your painful tooth and neighboring teeth.

If you have a toothache, tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, and a blister on the gum, you may have a deep infection that requires treatment. It’s important to remember that you may not have all the symptoms, so contact your dentist if you notice oral health changes. It is better to seek treatment before serious pain sets in.

For a root canal, your dentist numbs the treatment area, extracts the infected tissue, and fills the tooth with a healing agent and temporary filling. Most patients report immediate relief following this procedure.

Unfortunately, the infection can weaken the tooth and leave it vulnerable to fracture, which is why we may recommend a dental crown be placed at your next visit. With a tooth crown, your bite function is fully restored.

 In some cases, if the tooth is still strong, a tooth-colored filling may be sufficient.

When a Dental Crown Cannot Save a Damaged Tooth

In cases of severe trauma and tooth breakage, a dental crown may not be enough to save your tooth. In that situation, your St. Paul dentist may recommend extraction followed by tooth replacement.

In our dental office, we provide gentle extraction and always talk to you about our tooth replacement options, which can include a dental bridge, partial denture, or dental implants in St. Paul.

Replacing missing teeth is important because it helps prevent future oral health complications like shifting teeth, tooth wear, cavities, and more.

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Lowering Your Risks for Future Tooth Damage and Caring for Your Dental Crown

One of the most common reasons we provide tooth crowns is because of trauma or following a root infection. To lower your risks for trauma and root infection, we recommend the following:

  • Visit your St. Paul dental office twice yearly for comprehensive exams and professional teeth cleanings.
  • Brush and floss your teeth at least twice per day or following each meal.
  • Always wear protective face gear or a mouthguard if you’re part of an athletic team.
  • If you grind and clench your teeth, consider a nightguard during sleep.
  • Always contact our dental office at the first signs of trouble—sensitive tooth, gum swelling, etc.

With regular exams, your dentist can often find small infections or decay before they pose a threat to your tooth and require root canal therapy. Your teeth cleaning, on the other hand, lowers your risks for cavities and infections. Dental professionals, along with your regular maintenance at home, can significantly lower your risks for most oral health complications, including periodontal disease.

As far as caring for your dental crowns, we recommend approaching a crown as you would a tooth—brushing, flossing, dental appointments. When it comes to care, it’s all about good hygiene and healthy habits.

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