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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Root Canals & Extractions

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At our office, we believe in giving patients the information they need to make educated decisions about their dental health. If you have questions about your care, our practice, or just teeth in general, please let us know! We always want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident getting your care from us.

We’ve collected some of the questions we hear the most often. Take a moment to check and see if your question is answered below. If your question isn’t here or if you want more information, you are always welcome to give us a call at (651) 698-0848 or to send us an email using our convenient form on our Contact page. 

Root Canals & Extractions

At Brimhall Dentistry, we work had to provide our patients with pain-free and comfortable dental procedures. Dr. Nick Schulte and Dr. Merideth Meador-Schulte always take their time treating patients and answering any questions they might have. 

Procedure for Root Canals in Saint Paul, MN

Diagram of tooth with infected root at Saint Paul dentist officeWith modern advancements in dental technology, root canal therapy can be completed in one visit to your Saint Paul dentist. Advanced dental technology allows us to be more efficient to our clients, including root canals.  

Simple root canal cases usually take under an hour, while a more complicated case can take 90 minutes or more.

Many different factors will determine how long the root canal will take, including if there is an underlying fear and anxiety in the patient.  

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

Root canals in Saint Paul, MN are designed to relieve any tooth pain, but this therapy may cause some pain and discomfort that we treat with local anesthetics. As with most surgeries, there may be some discomfort after the anesthesia wears off. 

Over-the-counter medicine and prescription painkillers allow patients to manage their pain and feel comfortable. While mild discomfort is normal after the surgery procedure, prolonged pain that gets worse should be looked at by our 55116 dentist. Schedule a consultation for root canal therapy with any of our professional dentists today!

Relieve Bad Tooth Pain at Brimhall Dentistry

Many times, root canals actually end any pain! They don't typically create more pain or discomfort. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, call Brimhall Dentistry right away at  (651) 698-0848!

dentist performing a root canal in saint paul mnThe procedure for root canals in Saint Paul, MN has an unfortunately bad reputation. We see it on our patients' faces every day when we inform someone that they need a root canal and they groan and look fearful. We understand. As dentists, we are often the subject of bad press from TV shows and movies, and people often expect us to be mean or uncaring.

We want you to know that this perception of dentists couldn't be further from the truth. 

Caring Dental Staff at Brimhall Dentistry

Most dentists are highly concerned about their patients' well-being. We would absolutely never do anything to deliberately hurt someone. In fact, we take every possible precaution to make sure that every procedure we perform, even a root canal, is comfortable. 

Before we begin your treatment, we will numb the area we will be addressing so that you won't feel a thing. Our compassionate team will help you feel comfortable and well cared for. 

Contact Our Saint Paul, MN Dentist Office to Schedule

One of the main reasons why patients associate root canal therapy with pain is because the conditions that are treated using a root canal are often so painful. What you need to know is that root canal therapy in Saint Paul will actually relieve this pain. Soon, you will feel like your old self again. Contact Brimhall Dentistry today to get started! 

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