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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dentures & Partials

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At our office, we believe in giving patients the information they need to make educated decisions about their dental health. If you have questions about your care, our practice, or just teeth in general, please let us know! We always want to make sure you feel comfortable and confident getting your care from us.

We’ve collected some of the questions we hear the most often. Take a moment to check and see if your question is answered below. If your question isn’t here or if you want more information, you are always welcome to give us a call at (651) 698-0848 or to send us an email using our convenient form on our Contact page. 

Dentures & Partials

To get the most out of your dentures, it’s essential to clean them appropriately. With proper cleaning and maintenance, dentures will last longer, look better, and offer better performance. 

When cleaning dentures, you should carefully follow your dentist’s guidelines. Avoid washing your dentures with abrasive soaps or with hard-bristled toothbrushes to prevent damage.

Instead, we recommend using a soft-bristled brush with denture cleaner or non-abrasive soap to clean your dentures thoroughly once a day. 

You should also soak your dentures daily. Most people choose to soak their dentures overnight using either clean water or denture solution. If you don't keep your dentures moist, they can dry out until they become brittle and prone to breaking. 

We welcome any questions you have about caring for your dentures properly. Our friendly team of dental professionals at Brimhall Dentistry provides expert advice to patients with dentures. We would be happy to guide you through proper care techniques for your prosthetics.

Dentures in St. Louis, MN 

Dr. Meredith Meador-Schulte and Dr. Nick Schulte offer patients top-notch guidance and care for dentures and other tooth replacements. If you need teeth replaced but aren't sure if dentures are appropriate for you, we would love to meet with you in our St. Louis dental office for a thorough evaluation.

We can advise you on the best tooth replacement for your dental situation, lifestyle, and budget.

With proper care and attention, dentures can last for about a decade. However, to keep your dentures in good condition for such a long time, you'll need to clean them regularly, avoid habits and situations that might damage them.

We've outlined helpful tips below to lengthen the lifespan of your dentures.

Tips to Make Dentures Last Longer

To get the most out of your dentures, brush and floss your natural teeth as recommended by your dentist, usually twice per day for brushing and once per day for flossing. You should also see your dentist regularly for check-ups and teeth cleanings. 

During your routine dental visits, your dental team will examine your teeth and dentures to see if any adjustments are necessary. In addition, we will check on the condition of your dentures.

Also, avoid habits like chewing on ice or your fingernails to protect your dentures, and don't eat hard or crunchy foods like popcorn or nuts. To keep your dentures bright and clean, don't smoke tobacco or use other products that could stain your teeth.

Dentures in St. Paul, MN

Dr. Meredith Meador-Schulte and Dr. Nick Schulte help patients in the St. Paul area create complete, healthy smiles with dentures. If you need dentures to complete your smile, we hope you will entrust us with your dental care. 

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We use partial dentures in our Saint Paul, MN dental office to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures are most appropriate if some teeth are missing but still have healthy, strong remaining teeth.

With partial dentures, we fill in the gaps in your smile while protecting the health of your remaining teeth and restoring function.

What’s the Difference between Full and Partial Dentures?

While partial dentures replace a few missing teeth, full dentures replace an entire arch of missing teeth. With full dentures, you can enjoy a complete, beautiful smile and excellent function. 

If you have only damaged or decayed teeth on an arch, your dentist may recommend extracting them and using a full set of dentures instead of making partial dentures. Otherwise, dentists use partial dentures whenever possible to save your natural teeth for as long as possible.

Partial Dentures in Saint Paul

At Brimhall Dentistry, we provide various tooth replacement options for our patients, including full and partial dentures. If you have teeth missing or a tooth that needs an extraction, we encourage you to contact our friendly team for assistance. 

Dr. Meredith Meador-Schulte and Dr. Nick Schulte are here to help you attain optimal oral health, and replacing your missing teeth is vital to your oral health. Call us to schedule your consultation for dentures, which offer one of the most affordable tooth replacement options.

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