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How can I prepare my child for their first dental visit?

Young girl smiling at dental exam with childrens dentist in Saint Paul MNIf you’re the parent of a young child, you’ve probably learned by now that dental care is an integral part of your child’s overall wellness. 

Once your child gets their first baby tooth, it’s time for them to visit the dentist’s office for an exam. If you’re new to the world of children’s dentistry, however, you may not know where to start. Our dentist recommends the following tips for excellent children’s dentistry in 55116.

Help Your Child Get Used to a Toothbrush

You should brush your child’s teeth each day using a soft, child-sized toothbrush even before their first dental appointment. This practice becomes more important the closer they get to visiting our dental office. Help familiarize your child with a toothbrush and with having someone looking inside their mouth to minimize their fear.

Bring Your Child’s Favorite Toy or Blanket

If your son or daughter has an object they just can’t live without, bring it to their first dental visit! This sense of familiarity will help them feel more comfortable while they’re here with us and give them a built-in distraction. 

Plan a Fun Post-Visit Treat or Reward

Rewarding your child with a simple treat after their dental visit can help positively reinforce that the dentist is a fun, safe place to be. We recommend a trip to the park or swimming pool, watching their favorite movie, or buying an inexpensive toy or trinket. 

Schedule an Exam With Our Saint Paul Children's Dentist

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