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How long do dentures last?

With proper care and attention, dentures can last for about a decade. However, to keep your dentures in good condition for such a long time, you'll need to clean them regularly, avoid habits and situations that might damage them.

We've outlined helpful tips below to lengthen the lifespan of your dentures.

Tips to Make Dentures Last Longer

To get the most out of your dentures, brush and floss your natural teeth as recommended by your dentist, usually twice per day for brushing and once per day for flossing. You should also see your dentist regularly for check-ups and teeth cleanings. 

During your routine dental visits, your dental team will examine your teeth and dentures to see if any adjustments are necessary. In addition, we will check on the condition of your dentures.

Also, avoid habits like chewing on ice or your fingernails to protect your dentures, and don't eat hard or crunchy foods like popcorn or nuts. To keep your dentures bright and clean, don't smoke tobacco or use other products that could stain your teeth.

Dentures in St. Paul, MN

Dr. Meredith Meador-Schulte and Dr. Nick Schulte help patients in the St. Paul area create complete, healthy smiles with dentures. If you need dentures to complete your smile, we hope you will entrust us with your dental care. 

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