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Is It Safe to Visit the Dentist?

August 26, 2020
Posted By: Brimhall Dentistry
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As patients start to get back to normal life, a common concern is if it is safe to visit the dentist. 

With proper procedures in place, your dental office in Saint Paul, MN can actually be one of the cleanest and safest places you can be. 

A Clean and Safe Dental Environment at Brimhall Dentistry

Even before COVID, dental offices have always been sparkling clean for the safety of our patients. We take care not to use tools that will aerosolize so that our dental team and patients are always protected. Our personal protective equipment (PPE) serves to keep both staff and patients secure and to prevent spreading any disease or infection. 

We practice stringent safety measures and will not stop being vigilant and disciplined regarding our regulations and protocols. We take the health and safety of our dental family very seriously. 

Patients Are Safe at Our Dentist Office in Saint Paul, MN

Dr. Nicholas Schulte, your dentist in St. Paul, MN, has years of experience in keeping our diagnostic tools and patient rooms sanitary in between dental appointments.

We pre-screen our patients prior to their dental procedures to ensure they have not gone through a recent illness or currently feel ill. All rooms have hand sanitizer available for patients and staff. 

We also time our dental appointments to reduce the number of patients in our waiting room.

Call Us to Keep Your Regular Dental Cleaning and Exam

We do not want our patients to neglect their precious smiles and oral health due to fear. Routine exams and dental cleanings with our dentist in St Paul, MN can prevent painful dental emergencies and keep your teeth and gums clean and disease-free. 

Do you have any questions or concerns? Contact Brimhall Dentistry today so we can start a conversation. We understand the fears that our patients may have regarding their health and safety; we want everyone in our dental office to go home without being worried. Our strict protocols limit the exposure our patients have to infection or disease. 

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