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How to Find a Good Dentist in St Paul

September 14, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Nick Schulte
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For one reason or another, you may find yourself needing a new dentist. If you've just moved to St Paul, MN, then you won't want to wait long before you choose a dentist.

Regular check-ups aside, you never know when an emergency will have you looking for a dentist quickly. So it's better to have already chosen your new provider before it's something you need to do.

Where Should You Start your Search?

First, you want to select a dentist that offers routine and scheduled maintenance for your teeth along with emergency care. The only thing more stressful than dental trauma is not knowing where to turn when that trauma occurs.

Then, you'll want to consider a few other things:

Do You Have Children?

The ideal choice of a new dentist would be one who will serve your entire family. This consolidation of care can save you time and money by receiving all care in one place. In addition, at Brimhall Dentistry, we make special accommodations so that your children will feel comfortable in our office.

We recommend bringing your child in for a "happy visit," where they meet our friendly dental team, tour the office, and get the opportunity to ask questions before we do any work. This way, we can avoid the trend where children consistently associate dental visits with pain or problems.

Dental Phobias Are Too Common

Many people experience fear when thinking of the dentist, which may reach back into childhood – maybe you didn't get a 'happy visit' before seeing your first dentist. If that's something you feel, make sure your choices are all aware of your concerns. Your dentist should get to know your needs and your goals, making you feel reassured about your care. Their staff should be willing to earn your trust.

Narrow Your Search

Most reputable dentists have an online presence and website, so visit them to ensure they accept new patients, have office hours you like, and provide the services you desire. Also, use online resources to read reviews to see how their existing patients feel, which could save you a lot of time.

Your search for a new dentist in St. Paul should begin at Brimhall Dentistry. Our care team is ready and willing to work with you on the dental care you need today.

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