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Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

July 29, 2020
Posted By: Brimhall Dentistry
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Root canals in popular culture are often portrayed as nightmares and dental horrors, almost to a comical degree.

While it might be funny to laugh at a skit depicting a bad root canal, that kind of thinking starts to enter our understanding of the procedure. This creates a lot of misconceptions and myths about root canal treatment that are false and can negatively impact patients who actively avoid them out of fear. 

The truth is that root canals in St. Paul, MN often stop excruciating tooth pain and can alleviate severe discomfort. In many ways, root canals are the good guys! Instead of creating pain, they make your life easier by ending your pain. 

At Brimhall Dentistry, we are happy to dispel any myths so that patients feel comfortable and secure!

Myths About Root Canals near Saint Paul, MN

Root Canals Are Painful

This is the biggest myth that makes patients avoid going to the dentist in fear of having to have a root canal. Due to our advanced dental technology and anesthetics, patients won't feel any more pain than they would having a cavity fixed.  

At the St. Paul dentist office of Dr. Nick Schulte, we don't want patients putting off critical dental exams and services because of fear of pain. We generally administer a local anesthetic with almost all dental procedures so that patients don't feel anything more than a little pressure. 

By the time patients see us for a root canal, many of them are already experiencing a lot of tooth pain. This pain is remedied once we remove the inflamed and decayed tissue from within the tooth. 

Root Canals Make You Sick

Some Saint Paul patients might believe that you can contract an illness from a root canal, but this is false. This long-standing myth was falsely created decades ago before medical professionals truly understood the nature of diseases. 

You Should Extract Your Tooth Instead of Getting a Root Canal

At Brimhall Dentistry, we always recommend saving your natural tooth if it is possible. It is much better to keep your existing teeth if we can. Restoring a missing tooth with a dental bridge or dental implant can be costly and take maintenance. 

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