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Benefits of Clear Braces

December 22, 2021
Posted By: Brimhall Dentistry
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Your St. Paul, MN dentist offers clear braces because our patients have been so happy with their treatment and results.

Our clear braces depend on custom aligners worn over the teeth. These aligners come in a series, and every few weeks, you change to the next in the sequence.

There are many benefits to clear braces—both during treatment and after.

6 Benefits of Clear Braces in St. Paul, MN

#1 Clear Braces Do Not Draw Attention to Treatment

With clear braces, you may be the only person who knows you’re in treatment. The virtually clear aligners do not detract from your smile or advertise to those you’re speaking to.

#2 Clear Aligners Offer a More Comfortable Treatment

You don’t have to worry about metal brackets scratching your cheeks or rubbing against your gums with clear aligners. Our system is made from smooth plastic for ease of wear.

#3 Clear Braces Make It Easier to Care for Your Teeth

With no guidewires in the way, you’ll be able to brush and floss your teeth without barriers. You can remove the orthodontic system to brush and floss.

#4 Clear Braces Make Eating More Enjoyable

You can remove your aligners when eating your meals or enjoying a snack with our system.

#5 You Can Change Out Your Own Aligners

Clear braces mean fewer trips to the dentist during treatment because you can change your own aligner. You’ll only need to visit intervals for an orthodontic check to make sure the system moves your teeth into proper alignment.

#6 Clear Braces Provide Straight Teeth

After therapy, you’ll be happy to see an aligned smile when you look in the mirror. And your dentist will provide you with a custom retainer to keep the new alignment permanent.

For Clear Braces in St. Paul, Give Us a Call

Clear braces make orthodontics accessible for people who don’t want metal and wires. Contact our dental office to start your orthodontic consultation.

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