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Why Is the ADA Changing the Definition of Oral Health?

October 30, 2017
Posted By: Nick Schulte, DDS
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What does the term "oral health" mean to you? Daily brushing and flossing? Visits to your dentist every six months? It is all of these things, but we're also learning that it means so much more than this too. Your dentist in St. Paul, MN shares some of the new meanings of the term oral health.

What Does Oral Health Refer To?

Optimum oral health means so much more than just having healthy teeth. It also refers to the health of your mouth and soft tissues. This includes being free of gum disease or oral cancer. It also means being free of pain in your jaw or other areas of your mouth so that you have full function and use of your teeth, and that you're able to properly eat and chew your food.

Your Well Being

Having excellent oral health also refers to your overall well being. It means that you're able to smile with confidence and ease. The psychological impact of having a beautiful smile can affect the choices you make for your career and relationships.

Your Overall Health

As we know from emerging studies, your oral health is also connected to your overall health, which means that taking good care of your teeth and mouth ensures that the rest of your body is healthy too. Because periodontal disease is closely related to other health concerns in the body such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure, your six-month visits with your dentist are even more critical to ensure that you're maintaining your oral health.

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